The June Thimble - Our Story

The June Thimble is the culmination of unlikely chance - two moms on separate playdates meet at a park with their young kids, drawn into conversation by an interesting bike. Both being relatively new to the area and with kids the same ages, we met again, and again, and eventually moving past the pleasantries of getting to know someone new discovered a shared intense passion for fabric and sewing.

There's a distinct memory of sitting in the conservatory garden after giving the kids The Five Minute Warning and the bomb dropping - "WAIT YOU SEW TOO?!" An hour later we were loading up too-tired kids in the car but with bubbling excitement over finding a friend that shared both a niche hobby and understood the challenges of being a stay-home parent to two small kids.



Combining our skills we felt like there was nothing we couldn't sew - Cait bringing years of experience in the garment and upholstery industries while Rebecca had been designing patchwork quilts under the brand RebaLeigh Handmade. Starting in local craft markets we experimented with how to blend these skills - in a digital era where anything can be printed, how can we preserve a timeless craft like patchwork sewing in a way that is relevant to modern homes and tastes while supporting this small but mighty generation of sewists?



Patchwork is not fast. Patchwork is not mass produced. Patchwork has a long history of using scraps and cast offs in a way that supports modern sustainability efforts. Patchwork can be used to make all sorts of practical items - small bits of fabric can be stitched together into interesting and beautiful bags, clothes, quilts, pillows, and more. In a time where a robot can print a thousand quilt blocks on a sweatshirt each day, we work hard to preserve the handiwork, skill, and resourcefulness of generations of woman before.




What's more, we believe in fostering the community of makers by filling our corner of the internet with patterns and tutorials to empower and grow the next generation of sewists. We design patterns for many of the products we make so those who share our love of sewing can make it their own.       




If you value slow fashion, artisanal skill, and honoring a traditionally woman's skill, we're here for you in the Handmade Shop. If you can sew or are interested in sewing - we're here for you in the Pattern Shop and Project Blog. We love what we do and love to share it with others.


With love,

Rebecca and Cait

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