Our Mission

To honor the heritage craft of stitchery, tailored to the modern lifestyle.


Our Story

It all started on a warm sunny June day. We met randomly as strangers at a park with our children. Cait said "I like your bike." Rebecca said "I like your tattoos." And the friendship seed was planted. It took us two playdates before either of us mentioned our passion for sewing. Both of us looking to turn hobbies into collaborative ventures, find creative friends, and raise our children full time Rebecca said "Well...I was accepted into a craft show." - Cait said "I'm going to help!" - and The June Thimble began to bloom.


About Rebecca:

I've been a maker and hobby hopper my whole left, and rarely content to simply follow pattern directions. (Or use them at all!) So it was no surprise when I discovered quilting through a dear work friend that I was designing my own within the year and launched RebaLeigh Handmade, the quilt pattern brand that The June Thimble was born from.

When I'm not sewing, I'm currently home with two little girls while I take a break from working as a hospital pharmacist. The girls and I bike everywhere we can, when we can. My husband and I share a love of an outdoor lifestyle we fostered during college and a decade in Colorado. Now, we enjoy taking our kids tent camping in the wet and leafy Midwest, loving nature all over again on their scale.


About Cait:


My grandmother taught me to sew when I was five on her old Pfaff. It was the beginning of a life long love affair with sewing and also with old sewing machines. After spending four years in college getting a degree that I could support myself with, I decided to throw that degree and caution to the wind and try to make a career out of what had up till then been just a hobby. Over the subsequent decade plus of making that my career I have sewn, patterned and/ or designed for everything from couture lingerie to the circus and even upholstery. 

Now you can find me living and loving life in the Midwest with my husband, two kids, and herd of orange tabby cats. I sew daily, mostly for myself with a bit of commission thrown in to keep things interesting. I still have a love of old machines - I have 3 over the age of 80 that are all in perfect working condition. And will tackle any project thrown my way, I love to learn new things!