First Crush in Chestnut Street fabrics

First Crush in Chestnut Street fabrics

Fun fact - I actually made this quilt in 2017!! It was the very first quilt I made that was bigger than a baby quilt, and the first one I made for myself. I spent ages planning all the squares, deciding on block placement, and even hand-bound it. Three years later, I can hardly imagine taking so much time on a scrappy quilt! (I am not one to meticulously plan out my fabric placement...)



A couple years later I ended up gifting this quilt to my grandmother instead. I find it so fitting that as her oldest grandchild, I have the first quilt she ever made on my bookcase. Now - she has the first (ish) quilt I ever made, too!

I'm going to ignore the fact that her first quilt was QUEEN SIZE and HAND-QUILTED. I'm just not quite that ambitious.

But regardless, this quilt is special in many ways. It's made it's rounds through the internet as a free pattern for a few years and recently was a part of the Learn to Quilt sew-along I hosted in 2018. I've now updated the pattern with more content and five sizes, and it's available once again in the pattern shop!

I don't have many pictures of this one - next time I'm in Indiana visiting my grandparents I'll have to pay this old quilt a visit. :)




Pattern details: 

This disappearing nine-patch quilt is perfect for beginner quilters or those looking for a fasts, fun finish!
  • Charm pack, layer cake, and fat quarter friendly pattern
  • Fast and easy chain piecing
  • Comes in five sizes - baby, throw, twin, queen, and king

Finished size: 

  • Baby: 44" x 44"
  • Throw: 70" x 70"
  • Twin: 83" x 96"
  • Queen: 96" x 109"
  • King: 109" x 122'

Skill level: Beginner

Fabric requirements:



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Do you have the pattern or instructions for this please? I’d like to make it as a throw size
Thank you


What is the size of the 9-patch block before you cut the 9-patch into quarters?
I made one block and I’m using a scant quarter inch. I see where you said 25 blocks, 13" finished. Mine measure 14 3/8". You must be talking about 13" finished as the final size of the block, not before you cut into quarters. Did you use a 1/4" or a scant 1/4" seam allowance? As this is my first block, I can easily make changes before cutting into quarters. I’m really excited to make this quilt. Thank you…Barb H.

Barb H.

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