Modern half-square triangle baby quilt

Modern half-square triangle baby quilt

Hi all! I get asked often for a pattern for this little HST baby quilt I made awhile back - while this isn't a full-blown pattern, I thought it was time I put together a quick tutorial so you can make it yourself. I love this version I made using a charm pack of Gingiber's Thicket fabrics!


Finished size: 32" x 40"

You'll need:

  • 32 5" squares
  • 1 yard of background fabric (WOF assumed to be 42")
  • 1-1.5 yards of backing fabric, depending on your comfort level or quilter's requirements. I used 1 yard and it was a tight fit, but I quilted it at home and was ok with it.


  • Cut 4 strips of background fabric 5" wide; sub-cut into 32 5" squares
  • Cut 4 strips of background fabric 2" wide for borders; set aside

Piecing instructions:

1. Take each 5" square of print and pair it with a background square. Draw a line corner to corner. Sew ¼” on each side of the line and then, using a rotary cutter, cut on the diagonal line. Open, press, and trim each HST to 4.5” square.


2. Arrange all the HSTs in an expanding diamond pattern - feel free to be creative here!

Adding borders:

These are my standard instructions for adding borders, but since this quilt is so small (less than one WOF) you can just attached one strip per side without sewing all the border strips together first.

Cut the amount of strips specified and cut off selvages. Sew end to end with a ¼” seam to make one long strip of fabric, pressing seams in any direction. To ensure a square quilt, measure the left, right, and center lengths of the quilt. Take the average of the three measurements – this is now the length of your side borders. Cut two pieces from your long strip of fabric this length and mark the center. Pin the left, right, and center first, then pin well along the entire edge. Sew a ¼ seam and press towards the border. Repeat with the average of the top, middle, and bottom widths of your quilt.


Cut and piece your backing so you have an extra 2-4” on each side. Layer and baste your backing, batting, and pieced top. Quilt and bind as desired.


Happy sewing!


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