Wild Soul - Rainbow version

Last month I decided to finally tackle the closet in my sewing studio. Among other things, it contained a very dated and very useless wet bar, taking up much needed storage space in the closet. So with the help of my husband we took it down to studs and rebuilt it with more useful storage. And less...sinks.

How does this relate to a wild soul quilt? Well...in order to renovate the closet I had to empty it...and in emptying all the fabric I decided to sort through it. Having as varied a sewing career as I have had over the last decade, there was everything from costume and upholstery fabrics to vintage clothing and baby blankets.

As I was digging through all this I came across several yards of minky I had purchased who knows when, for who knows what. (That laughter you hear in the background is Rebecca cackling over the absurdity of losing track of four yards of fabric.)


She pointed out that I had enough minky to back a throw quilt and soon I'm running off with a jelly roll of Ruby Star Society's Sugar fabrics from Rebecca's shelves (pot calling the kettle black?), Kona White background, and a rainbow Wild Soul in my head.



Ok here's where I tell you a secret - while I have been sewing for most of the last 25 years, this was my first quilt! I thoroughly tested this beginner-rated pattern. The cutting is basic shapes with easy math and while the pattern looks intricate the piecing is really very simple.



Studio cats - they care not if your perfectly sorted stack is in the sunny spot. And will do you the favor of re-organizing it on the floor.




We quilted this one on our newest fleet addition - a Bernina Q24 longarm. We've been having a ton of fun learning and experimenting with it and we're so pleased with how the minky came out. We use a stencil and chalk to guide us - we don't have digital pantos - and our goal is to practice enough to confidently freehand.



 This fun and vibrant quilt with its cuddly backing is going to live on my daughters bed this spring, she's thrilled.


Pattern Details: 

This stunning quilt is very pre-cut friendly and much simpler to piece than it looks!
  • Jelly roll, fat quarter, fat eighth, or scrap friendly pattern
  • Fast and easy chain piecing
  • No Y-seams - clever piecing makes this simpler than it looks
  • Nested seams for perfect points
  • No waste!

Five sizes included: baby, throw, twin, queen, and king

Skill level: Intermediate/confident beginner

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