Wild Soul in Indie Folk fabrics

Wild Soul in Indie Folk fabrics

Aaaah - it's here!!

Late Friday night, I finished up binding my Wild Soul quilt in preparation to take it with us to Leadville to see a friend ride in a skijoring competition.

It's okay, I'll wait while you google it.

Rad, huh?

Anyway, it was such a fun day! I asked my husband if he wouldn't mind holding up my quilt for a few pictures in front of the mountains on the way home. The views were stunning - I couldn't take a quilt named "Wild Soul" into the heart of Colorado and NOT take a landscape photo, right?!

Except it's March in the high country - the first place we stopped we both sank up to our THIGHS in snow! I was laughing too hard to take a decent photo - Ryan wasn't tall enough to hold the quilt with half of his body buried! The rest of the ride back to the interstate was spent going - "There!! Quick, pull over!! No - there!! Aww, you missed it - there!! Stop stop stop! That looks good!!" But we managed to get some fun pictures, I double checked some math, and without further ado - I'd like to introduce Wild Soul!


This debut version was made with my very favorite AGF Indie Folk fabrics, designed by Pat Bravo. Something about these colors drew me in right away, and they really shine in this scrappy pattern.
Quilted in Modern Loops by Abby Latimer of Latimer Lane Quilting.


A little more about this quilt, since it's a special one and arguably the quilt that helped me find my voice and niche as a designer - 


Wild Soul was a pattern I designed for myself – for the first time, I wasn’t designing for another person or with specific constraints. It was so liberating, honestly, and I enjoyed every bit of letting my creative side just play.

All the while, though, I was still thinking about someone special.

In between the initial sketches and the final seam, my mother and I went on a trip together to Ely, Minnesota. For thirty years, Mom has wanted to go dog sledding – and I was the only person crazy enough to go with her! You see, my mom and I share what my family affectionately calls our “adventure shoes”. They’ve taken us all over the US and beyond, sharing a inner desire to see and do – never rest, never sit down – always planning the next adventure.

Our adventures look very different nowadays – Mom likes to travel in her Volkswagen bus and visit historic places. I like to be on top of mountains and canyons and sleep outside. Not to mention, we are different people! She’s a kind, conservative, rural woman who raised her babies and retired, now running the family business. I’m a liberal, young, suburban wife now, working and living 1000 miles away from the rest of my family. Sometimes, I feel as different as oil and water.

But as I sewed this quilt – this quilt I love – I reflected on our time together in the Northwoods. As we mushed our dog teams together with the biggest smiles on our cold faces I remembered that I am her daughter, and she is my mother. We aren’t as different as it seems at times. Among so many other things, we share a bond deeper than any other I’ve known.

But my favorite thing we share…is our wild souls.



Pattern Details: 

This stunning quilt is very pre-cut friendly and much simpler to piece than it looks!
  • Jelly roll, fat quarter, fat eighth, or scrap friendly pattern
  • Fast and easy chain piecing
  • No Y-seams - clever piecing makes this simpler than it looks
  • Nested seams for perfect points
  • No waste!

Finished size: 63" x 76"

Skill level: Intermediate/confident beginner

Fabric requirements:

  • Print - one jelly roll - OR - 11 fat quarters - OR - 22 fat eighths
  • Background - 2 3/4 yards
  • Binding (assumes 2.5" strips) - 3/4 yard
  • Backing (4" extra on all sides) - 5 yards

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I love your quilt and would like to make it myself. My quilting to this point has been traditional patterns with more traditional fabric. I’m ready to stretch and try these beautiful Indie fabrics and your pattern is perfect. Please let me know if the pattern can be purchased.

Thank you,

Elaine Hansen

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