Look what's back...

Look what's back...

Welcome back! That's what we're saying this week to all the previous RebaLeigh Handmade patterns being re-launched under The June Thimble. It's been exciting to adopt these quilts that Rebecca put so much heart into and we have made several expansions to make them work for all types of quilters!

From now on, all our quilt patterns will come sized baby-king as the design allows. We feel it's important to offer more than just one option, as your needs may change and you can use the same pattern for different projects. In the coming months you'll see the last few RLH patterns debut again with expanded sizing options.

While the RLH quilts were typically scrappy and made from pre-cuts, we aim to offer more traditional yardage-based colorings in tandem that work for those looking for a more homogenous design and blocks that all match. For example - the Callisto pattern can be used to make two very different quilts from the same pattern!





One important aspect of our business is to support new and learning quilters - so when possible, we add in beginner-friendly modifications. The coming (back)-soon Calendula pattern is a great example - by taking the design and making one small change, we turned the project into something suitable for anyone's first quilt.



Lastly, each pattern comes with a binding section with detailed instructions for those new to quilting, a detailed borders section if applicable, and a coloring page. We hope that by making each pattern as thorough and versatile as possible, we can support quilters in creating beautiful projects no matter their skill level or personal style.

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Happy sewing!

Rebecca and Cait

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